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UVPoxy Kit


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Our UVPoxy Kit is high performance two part system that is commonly used for table tops, bars, wood finishes, see-through clear casting, art work, layup, and other applications requiring a clear, strong coating. It cures to a crystal clear, high build, long lasting, glass-like finish, and will not blush or sweat under high humidity conditions. UVpoxy is designed to resist yellowing caused by the sun and other ultra violet light sources.

  • Crystal Clear - Cures to a clear, glass-like finish
  • Low Odour - It’s safe to use indoors, no ventilation or respiration required
  • UV Stable - Won’t fade or yellow, your finishes will last forever!
  • User Friendly - Mixes at a 1:1 mix ratio, very easy to calculate amounts needed
  • Low Drip - Thicker viscosity ensures it does not drip onto other areas
  • Self-Leveling - Self-levels perfectly, making for a nice even finish every time!

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Kit Info
Color Yellow (Visual)
Mix Ratio 1:1
Pot Life 25-30 Minutes

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